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About the Book


Ellie is curious, fun-loving, and like many children, afraid of shots!

Co-authored by a physician mom and public health professional, this book describes
Ellie’s journey from social distancing during the pandemic to

overcoming her fears of getting vaccinated for covid-19.


Written in short rhymes, this is a fun story created to help young children get excited for the covid-19 vaccine and for more worry-free classes and play dates to come! 

The book is pediatrician-approved and a great resource for parents and teachers.


Buy it direct or buy it on Amazon!

Majority of proceeds goes directly to children hospitals and non-profits fighting against covid-19

Free prime shipping through Amazon! 

Who is Ellie?

  • Ellie is a precocious little girl who loves running with her puppy, playing in the park with her friends, and baking muffins 

  • Ellie has learned to take proper precautions, such as social distancing and wearing a mask, and eagerly await a kid-friendly vaccine

  • Like all parents, Ellie's mom and dad look forward to a brighter pandemic-free future for Ellie 

Ellie is every child's best friend! 

Why read this book? 

  • Empower children with a relatable character to look up to when they receive the vaccine

  • Explain the process and feeling of getting vaccinated in an
    easy-to-understand way


  • Inspire children to have a positive outlook during this pandemic 


"I'm so glad I got my hands on an advance copy of this book! I read it to my 5 year-old and now she is fearless and cannot wait to be vaccinated! She loved the rhymes and colorful pages. We've read this about 50 times now!!"

Jennifer H, 


“This book is incredibly written to showcase a complex topic in a simple way for children of all ages to comprehend. The illustrations and text were well coordinated to share the journey of Ellie with a wonderful story arch"

Kelsey S,


"I understand first-hand the hesitation from parents and children alike upon getting any type of vaccination. This book was well-received by my students and helped alleviate any fears they had about getting shots"

Sarah M

Elementary School Teacher

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